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International University of Morality, Inc.
International University of Interfaith Morality


You are invited to join our mission of shaping the global society with modern morality and well-being.  Being respectful, honest, and developing a communal sense of responsibility are some core examples.  Though one might consider this as an ideal, why shouldn't we start making it a reality now.  Building a better world one brick at a time is leading to results than never start.  At IUM, We have several vehicles you can jump in.  Please go through our webpages and see which might fit you.  


We are non-profit & tax-deducted

International University of Morality, Inc. (IUM) is a religious institute incorporated in the United States.  It is an American tax-deductible charity under compliance of IRS 501(c)(3) code.  We are founded on the principal that appropriate delivery of targeted morality can shape a better society to live in.  

Southeast International LLC is our branch working towards the same aim as IUM, located at Bangkok, Thailand.


Morality ang well-being are important keys to a better society.

Morality is defined as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong.  In our definition, a modern-world morality is a particular set of values to achieve peaceful societies.  It includes helping others, practicing personal & public responsibility, honesty, human respect, and others. ​

Well-being is defined as sound physical and mental health.

Our mission is moral and well-being education & research.

IUM aims at researching and educating modern morality and well-being to global citizens. We do not distinguish between race, religion or culture.  Once morality and well-being are properly understood and appreciated, we believe a lasting foundation is established and able to flourish.  The final result is a better society.  

The world needs morality and well-being, please help it grow.

Without morality and well-being, undesirable values can easily be spread in forms of selfishness, aggressiveness, and corruption.  Should we not inject immunity when and where we can?  IUM believes morality and well-being education is one of the most effective ways to deliver such a remedy.



Morality & well-being for better societies.

Helping hands




IUM carries its own and inviting researches relative to morality and well-being to be published and applied to societies.  Those interested in proposing their works and being awarded academic title should contact IUM directly.



IUM provides modern morality and well-being education to students in several countries through International University of Interfaith Morality's online learning at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. 



IUM has been conducting morality and well-being training programs to school pupils and youth groups in some countries. Visit some of our activities and how to sponsor.



IUM honors those who practice  

morality by awarding recognition awards, to be used as a model in their society.  They can either be nominated or self-applied. Learn how to be honored.

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