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3-10-2015 5-16-14 PM
Please kindly read this short article to see how you can support morality training programs.

Don't you think morality is important for our rapidly changing world?  Wouldn't it be a nice place to live if we are surrounded by love, respect, peace, and honesty?  How can we decrease war, division, and corruption?  We all want to see moral progress.  The solution might be different depending on the foundation of one's belief system, but at IUM we place focus on educating the next generation in the importance and power of morality in creating a better world.


The Morality Training Youth Program is one of our efforts to bring moral education to children.  Our targets are those in primary and secondary schools, especially in developing countries. Training has been designed to insert love, care, social responsibility, and trustworthiness into their formal and non-formal education.  Our hope is that in the near future they will have developed into socially responsible adults, dedicated to contributing to their community rather than taking from it.


For those who realize the social value of the program to raise morality levels of communities, we welcome your sponsorship. You can be of meaningful social contribution towards moral development.  Our program can do a great work for your social accomplishment.  


Full-project sponsorship

You can choose to sponsor a full training project.  The target can be youth in schools, communities or monasteries.  You are invited to witness the training program at the actual site and grant training certificates to youths by yourself.  Or, you can ask for photos of the training to be sent to you.  We will put your name in the training ceremony banner to acknowledge your kind contribution and take photo of it for your valuable memory to keep.  


Contact us if you want to sponsor.

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