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Below is the list of researches submitted to IUM in English. 

For those wishing to view particular topic detail, please send us your name, email, and the desired research title to

For those wishing to be awarded academic title (Prof., Assoc.Prof., Asst.Prof.) from their research work should contact IUM for details.

  • The Monitoring of Accounting Performance and Ethics in the Manufacturing Industry in Thailand: A case study of Samut Sakhon Province - Dr.Pornsithakarn Sangwantong, Asst.Prof.

  • Ethics and Conflict of Interest in Public Administration in Three Municipal and District Assembles in Ghana - KWAME OBENG-YEBOAH, Asst.Prof.

  • Self - Development according to the Principle of Samaggidhamma (Harmony) -
    Asst.Prof.Dr. Samatchaya Ponchai

  • Administrative Skills of the Non-Formal and Informal Education Centers Administrators within the Special Development Zone in Southern Border Provinces - Asst. Prof. Dr.Kunchaya Kunthirawong

  • Buddhist Ethics promotion for Local Administrative Organization Administrators in Nakhonpathom Province - Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sunti Pimjaisai

  • Elderly workmanship Administration Strategy with Morality Entrepreneurship-Dr.Chutikarn Wongthanabun

  • Supplement product management with marketing strategy of morality and responsibility towards consumers- Patsita Narasirikulpat

  • Utilizing Technology with Ethics in the Classroom - Udara Joseph De Silva

  • Unchanging Nature and Society - Dr.Natnarong Thananchai

  • Globalized Modern Educational Technology prospective in Learning and Teaching Morality - Dr.Kolie Beatrice

  • The Relationship between Leadership and Educational Administration Strategies - Asst. Prof. Dr. Saypin Panyakham

  • The Course to Develop Attitudes, Behavior, Morality and Ethics of Practitioners in Administrative Law - Asst. Prof. Sumalee, Anuphap 

  • Moral Leadership of Property Management Executives-Dr.Sikarin Chuensomboon

  • The Morality of Law in Thailand's Criminal Justice System - Asst. Prof. Sumalee, Anuphap

  • School Management Strategies for Becoming a Community of Profession Improving the Quality of Student at the Basic Level Education Region - Acting Sub Lt. Kraithong Singkamma 

  • Morality Factors Related to the Effectiveness of Total Quality Management of Private Vocational School - Saipin PanyaKham

  • Moral Ecotourism of Salt-farming - Dr.Narongsak Pulngen

  • Moral Decision-making Model - Zerai Hagos

  • Experimental Study to Develop Moral Business Strategies to Reach Organizational Goals - Dr.Mohammad Tajul Islam Mollah, a formal Doctorate of IUM from Bangladesh

  • Implementation of Universal Education Theory in global education system towards the development of individual, teams, society and prevention of corruption - Dr.Rejaul Abedin

  • The Perception of Employees on Business Ethics in an Organization: an Exploratory Study - Zeray H. Gebrehiwot

  • Examination of the Applicability of Psychological Theories in Churches in the Context of Christian Counseling - Zerai Hegos Gebrehiwot

  • Thе Rolе of Counsеling Thеoriеs in Spirituality: Thе Casе of Cognitivе Bеhavioral Thеory - Zеrai Hagos

  • Thе study of moral valuеs among sеlеctеd Privatе Collеgе studеnts in Hawassa,
    Еthiopia - Zеrai Hagos Gеbrеhiwot, Ethiopia

  • Dealing with Moral Dilemmas in Public Administration - Dr.Francis Pol Lim, Philippines 

  • Gender Differences in the Functional Motives of Immigrant Youth Volunteers Involved in the Catholic Organizations in an Islamic Country - Maria Theresa Pagaduan Cordova

  • The impact of Employee and Employer Morality on Organizational Profitability and Human Resource Management Practices - Dr. MD AL-AMIN MAHMUD KHAN-AUSTRALIA

  • Contribution of development projects on Morality. Case study of “Sustainable Return and Reintegration of Rwandan Returnees operating in MIDIMAR,Rwanda - EUGENE UWIMANA

  • The Buddhism and Islamic Codes of Conduct towards People of other Religious Practices - Dr. Wiroj Nakchatri, Thailand

  • Food and Healthy Consumption in Buddhist Philosophy - Dr.Wiroj Nakchatri, Thailand

  • The Belief in Miracles "Prajawtanjai": A Case Study at Wat Yodkeawsiboonrung - Dr.Wiroj Nakchatri, Thailand

  • Moral Assignment of Sub-Distribution Centers to Sub-Customers by Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model - Phurikasem Supatthananon and Associates

  • Strategic Development of Volunteer Personnel the Buddhist Way - Radchadapan Itdhiwarakon, Thailand

  • The Legal Philosophy of Mangrai Customary and Morality Law - Dr.Niphaphan  Chaimongkol, Thailand

  • The Core Competencies, Ethics and Morality of Management Employees of Thai Rice Exporters - Paritya Ketdet

  • Relationship between Ethics and Business (Code of Conduct) Affecting the organization's commitment: a case study of Primplus Corporation Co., Ltd. -Asst. Prof Dr. Phaschanokphan Anuchatchai


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