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Honorary Degree Guideline

International University of Interfaith Morality welcomes applications and nominations for Honorary Degrees.  If you are interested in applying yourself or nominating someone to be recognized for one's accomplishments, especially in morality or human and social development, please follow the guideline below:

1. Decide which degree most accurately depicts the applicant's personal and/or professional accomplishments:

  • Interfaith Morality Agricultural Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Administration 

  • Interfaith Morality Business Administration 

  • Interfaith Morality Business Education

  • Interfaith Morality Community Administration 

  • Interfaith Morality Counseling

  • Interfaith Morality Education

  • Interfaith Morality Educational Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Fine Arts

  • Interfaith Morality Governmental Administration 

  • Interfaith Morality Health Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Health Education

  • Interfaith Morality Hotel Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Industrial Administration 

  • Interfaith Morality Media Communications

  • Interfaith Morality Monastery Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Music 

  • Interfaith Morality Public Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Religious Education

  • Interfaith Morality Service Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Social Work

  • Interfaith Morality Sports Administration

  • Interfaith Morality Sports Education

  • Interfaith Morality Theology 


2. Decide which level of Honorary Degree fits the applicant:

  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy

  • Honorary Master of Arts


3. Follow these steps:  

  • Step 1 - Download the Biography form.  This is the form the applicant will need to describe his/her background and accomplishments.

  • Step 2 - Submit the biography form.  After filling in the Biography form, submit it to IUM for consideration.  There is no cost to submit it.

  • Step 3 - Wait for the result.  IUM's Board of Honorary will carefully go through the applicant's biography and references.  This will take approximately 7-15 days. ​ Only those who pass the criteria will be honored the degree.  

  • Step 4 - Donate for the degree.  Recipients of the awarded degree donate for the degree.  IUM will approve, issue, and deliver it to the recipient.  The donation rate for this year is as followings:

    • Min. US$ 2000 for Honorary Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.)

    • Min. US$ 1000 for Honorary Master Degree (M.A.)

4. Terms and conditions:

  • IUM's Board of Honorary reserves the right to prove or disprove an application.

  • Those who pass all stages of consideration will be granted an official honorary degree.  It will be delivered by post or world-wide carrier to the recipient.  

  • Commencement ceremony will be arranged annually and one can attend if wish.  The date and venue will be informed when it is scheduled.​

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