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Morality degrees at IUM are tailored to those wishing to conduct their own research from any country and receive a diploma as a reward.  One can choose any specific field of interest or expertise.  IUM only requires the degree title to be related to administration or education and morality.

Degree format to choose from: 

  • Ph.D. in Morality (Any specific field) Administration

  • Ph.D. in Morality (Any specific field) Education

  • Master of Arts in Morality (Any specific field) Administration 

  • Master of Arts in Morality (Any specific field) Education

  • Master of Science in Morality (Any specific field) Administration

  • Master of Science in Morality (Any specific field) Education

Samples of 'Any specific field':

  • Agriculture

  • Business

  • Engineering

  • Industry

  • Health

  • Law

  • Sports

  • Etc.

Samples of degree title:

  • Ph.D. in Morality Agricultural Administration

  • Ph.D. in Morality Business Education

  • Master of Arts in Morality Law Administration 

  • Master of Arts in Morality Industrial Education

  • Master of Science in Morality Engineering Administration

  • Master of Science in Morality Health Education

  • Etc.

How to achieve the degree?

Doctorate or master's degree from IUM can be achieved simply by submitting a research topic, conducing it, and publishing its findings in IUM's website.  (See details below)


What kind of research to conduct?

Research can be quantitative, qualitative, or both.  Its topic must be related to the specific field, plus any aspect of morality or religion, such as:

  • Buddhism

  • Christian

  • Ethics

  • Humanity

  • Islamic

  • Moral

  • Peace

  • Etc.

Samples of research topics (click)

Language of the research:

The research can be in any language.  However, its topic and abstract should be translated into English. 

How to begin?

  • One can start their study with IUM immediately by submitting their research topic. (click)

  • Once it is approved, the study can be proceeded with guidelines.

How long will it take to complete?

  • It depends on the student's pace.

  • There will be 4 research steps to mark milestone of the accomplishment: Literature Review, Proposal, Findings, and Publishing

  • In most cases, the degree can be achieved within one year.


  • There is no cost for application and topic submission for approval.

  • Once the topic is approved, fees are as follows:

    • Ph.D. - USD 300 for each research step 

    • Master's - USD 180 for each research step

Start now?

For those interested to pursue the degree, please start by submiiting your research topic by clicking here.

Morality Degree - Ph.D. & Master's

Achieve degree through research from your country.

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