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Honorary Degree Resume

Fill in the following form when the person(s) to apply or be nominated for an Honorary Degree are predominantly of conspicuous social merit, with outstanding morality or have attained achievements of extraordinary and lasting distinction.  Awards shall be based on the individual achievements of social devotion records, including: social contribution, scholarship, creativity, leadership, humanitarian services or public services toward quality of life and sustaining global peace.


Since the final selection process must be carefully considered among the most proper illustrious and notable nominees, please provide as complete information for the nomination as posible.  The quality of the supporting materials is quite important, since the committee cannot be assumed to have independent knowledge on each candidate's achievements.  The materials submitted will serve as the basis for evaluating the qualifications and compatibility of each nomination.   


The total fee is required as followings:

  • US$ 1,000 for Honorary Doctoral Degree nomination

  • US$ 500 for Honorary Master Degree

  • US$ 300 for Honorary Bachelor Degree

The fee will only be collected when the candidate is informed of degree approval.

The resume can be submitted entirely in the form below or typed in a separate file and submitted as an upload where indicated in the form.  On receiving it, IUM may ask for additional information as necesary.  Please be advised that the process may take up to 30-60 days to complete.

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